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Changing Level Titles

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Audience and Purpose

  1. This document describes the procedures that Records Management Section (RMS) staff should follow when changing level titles, including level 4 (folder) titles.

Receiving and processing requests

  1. Requests involving a change of level title will come to the records management mailbox. They may come from any department or individual.
  2. There are many reasons why you may need to change a level title, including name changes, subject changes and merging folders.

Approve the request

  1. Open the request in the records management mailbox.
  2. Check on the provenance sheet of MasterFunctionalCatalogue if the person requesting the change is the owner of the level concerned.
  3. If they are not the owner of the level concerned, contact the owner and check if they approve of the proposed change.
  4. Follow the filing scheme maintenance procedures before making any updates.

Update the Excel spreadsheet

  1. Open MasterFunctionalCatalogue
  2. Open the levels 1-4 worksheet:
    • Find the affected level title and update it with the new title
  3. Update the scope notes worksheet:
    • Find the affected level reference and update the category column with the new title for the affected level
  4. Update the provenance worksheet:
    • Click on the provenance tab
    • Find the affected level reference and put the previous level name in the “previous name” column
    • Put today’s date in the “date of change” column
    • Put the name of the person who requested the change in the ‘changed by’ column

Update the folder list

  1. Using MS Frontpage open the intranet page 'FolderList'
  2. Scroll down to the appropriate place in the list
  3. Change the title capitalising each word.
  4. Save and close the folder list

Update the electronic folder name

  1. Open the PP filing scheme and navigate to the first level of the folder title requiring changed.
  2. Update the level title by right clicking and selecting ‘rename’and update the file name, ensuring that your new name obeys the file naming conventions used by the Records Management Section.

Update the paper folder

  1. Type up a new front label for the paper folder. Labels are found in the top drawer of the filing cabinet.
  2. Place the new label over the old label.

Inform the applicant

  1. Tell the applicant that the request has been completed, using the relevant email template in the records management mailbox.

Author: Alex Dazey and Ellie Greenhalgh
Version 2, February 2011

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